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Crystal Candles

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Burn your candle to retrieve your crystal and promote a calm + centered mind for prayer + meditation. Carry your Crystal in your purse, place in your garden, or display on a special shelf to help to ease your stress and connect with your spirit.

Amethyst Quartz is the Healing + Spiritual Growth Stone.  The aroma of Lavender picked right out of your garden. To promote peace, happiness, and contentment.

Sea Opal is the Meditation stone. Inhale, exhale, just breathe a Crisp Clean + Fresh scent infused with Lemon, Tuberose + Grapefruit. To help to ease your stress and connect with your spirit.

Citrine Quartz is the stone for positive energy and success. An exotic scent of tangy grapefruit + hints of sweet peach. You've got this! Manifest success and promote generosity so that the prosperity and success is shared.

Tiger's Eye is the Power stone. A rich woody + musk scent with natural sage, lavender + orange essential oils. A Uni-sex scent with musk base notes with a hint of sweet amber. Awaken your inner warrior.  You're unstoppable. Aid harmony and balance, and help you to release fear and anxiety.

Rose Quartz is the Heart stone. Fig + Watermelon,aA little clean, a little earthy + a little romantic scent. A gem for unconditional love. Love and be loved. To promote love in your life.

Obsidian is your go-to for blocking negative energy. So Fresh + So Clean scent for positive vibes only please. To shield you from negativity. Positive vibes only please!

Blue Lace Agate, the Serenity Stone, is for some inner tranquility. Be calm and carry on. To help relax + heal your soul.  To help spread & promote peace, happiness, and contentment. SCENT: Not your Grandma's Gardenia!

4oz Jar
Silver Lid
25hr Burn Time
100% American Farmed Soy wax
Natural Essential + Fragrance oil blend

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