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Sizing Chart

Thank you for your interest in Love, Lianca. We appreciate your support. 

In an effort to provide a variety of clothing options for women of all shapes in sizes, our clothing is produced by a variety of manufactures and vendors. As you can imagine, that creates a bit of a pickle when it comes to sizing. Our clothing does vary in size from item to item. We understand that purchasing online can sometimes prove difficult when you are unable to touch, feel and try on clothing so In an effort to make it easier to shop, we've done it for you!

To make it easier to determine you size, we have related the sizing of the clothing to your relative sizing by number. For example, most of our clothing size 1X will equal to a size 14 or 14/16 (US) means there is room and it is very forgiving. Each item is marked as such to help you determine which size to choose when making your purchase.  

If you still have questions, you aren't sure of your sizing, or you just want to make sure before you purchase, please email or text us directly so we can give you personalized service.