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Style is a Language...

Do you remember in The Devil Wears Prada when Andrea aka "Andy" transformed from clumsy nerd to refined fashion it-girl? She went from the "Andy" the office joke to Andrea in Paris, not only because of her work performance but because of her style evolution.

Your style influences your colleagues, supervisors, potential mates, executives, clients, and customers about who YOU are and what YOU represent. Style has the power to define our identity. Believe it or not, your clothing deeply affects your sense of SELF while simultaneously informing the perceptions of strangers, acquaintances and loved ones alike. Our clothes speak for us before we do. Everything you wear makes some kind of statement. Success is predicated on SELF-presentation. It's the game of life. So, every morning ask yourself these three style questions...

  1. Instead of "does this look OK?" ask, "What does this outfit say?"
  2. Your outfit is your brand billboard...What are you selling? Power? Intelligence? Confidence? Coolness? Artistry? Creativeness? Whatever your outfit is selling should be in line with your personal brand.
  3. "Are you Dressed to Impress?" It's an old adage but it still holds very true. Before you ever speak a word, you have already been judged by how you are dressed. 

Remember....Style Is The Most Powerful Way To Brand Yourself!

Love, Lianca

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